Early Number Sense

These activities will help children develop a strong sense of number and are part of our Number Sense and Place Value Feature.

Number Rhymes

Age 3 to 5

In this activity, the rhyme 'Ten Green Bottles' is used to encourage children to count backwards to work out how many bottles are left.

Incey Wincey

Age 3 to 5

In this game, children roll the dice and count how many steps to move the spider up or down the drainpipe.


Age 3 to 5

This dice activity encourages children to relate the number on the dice to the number of teddies they need to choose.

Golden Beans

Age 3 to 5

This task provides children with an opportunity to count 'golden beans' and find a number card to represent how many they have.

Dot Card Games

Age 3 to 7

These games devised by Jenni Way use dot cards which will help children see the structure of numbers 1-6 and give them confidence as they begin to add and subtract these numbers.

Number Match

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level

A task which depends on members of the group noticing the needs of others and responding.