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Standard Index Form Matching

Age 14 to 16
Challenge Level

When working with very large or very small numbers, it's useful to be able to convert them into standard index form, also known as scientific notation. Numbers in standard form are expressed as $a \times 10^{b}$, where $a$ is a number between 1 and 10.

The aim of this game is to match pairs of cards. 

Click on a card in the interactivity below to select it. Then click on another one. If the two cards match, they will change colour. If the two cards do not match, select another pair.

The game ends when all the cards have been matched in pairs. 

Click on the links below if you would like to try some alternative versions of the game

Play Level 1 against the clock

Play Level 2

Play Level 2 against the clock

Alternatively, you can print a set of cards out to play away from the computer. There are two sets to choose from, Set 1 and Set 2 (which is more challenging)Here are some activities you could try on your own or with a partner:

  • Shuffle the cards and deal them out face up. Take it in turns to find a matching pair. If your partner chooses two cards and you don't think they form a matching pair, challenge them to explain their reasoning.
  • Shuffle the cards and deal them out face up. Time yourself find all the matching pairs. Then try it again - can you beat your time?
  • Shuffle the cards and deal them out face down. Turn two cards over at a time. If they match, keep them. If they don't, put them back.

Once you are confident at matching the pairs, here are some questions you might like to consider:

  • How do you know that two cards match?
  • Are some pairs easier to match than others?
  • Can you create some more cards to add to the sets?

Send us your strategies and your thoughts about these questions.