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Pumpkin Pie Problem

Peter wanted to make two pies for a party. His mother had a recipe for him to use. However, she always made 80 pies at a time. Did Peter have enough ingredients to make two pumpkin pies?


How can the school caretaker be sure that the tree would miss the school buildings if it fell?

Orange Drink

A 750 ml bottle of concentrated orange squash is enough to make fifteen 250 ml glasses of diluted orange drink. How much water is needed to make 10 litres of this drink?

Cherry Buns

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

Sam's grandmother has an old recipe for cherry buns.

Cherry Buns

To make them, she weighs two eggs. Then she takes the same weight in flour, and in sugar and in butter. She mixes all this together and then she adds half the weight of the $2$ eggs in chopped glace cherries.

She has enough mixture to put $45$ grams in each of $12$ paper cake cases.

What was the weight of one egg?