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Cuisenaire Environment

Age 5 to 16
Challenge Level
Explore our Cuisenaire environment, or scroll down for some instructions.

Click to reveal a short video which explains how to use the Cuisenaire environment. 

Alternatively, here are some instructions.

Click on the coloured circles to choose a Cuisenaire rod. Drag it wherever you like on the background.
You can rotate a rod by clicking to select it, then clicking on the 'Rotate' button.
You can move any rod by dragging or you can select a rod and use the arrows.

To delete a rod, drag it to the bin. You can clear all the rods by pressing the 'Clear rods' button.
You can turn the grid and labels on and off using the purple buttons.
Use the + and - buttons to zoom in and out.
You can save your table of rods and load one that you have saved using the 'Save' and 'Load' buttons.

'Prefabs' gives you a selection of ready-made arrangements.
'Activities' offers you a selection of tasks to explore.
'Collaborate' allows you to set up or join a shared table.
'Hide' moves the menu out of the way to give you more space.