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Four Triangles Puzzle

Cut four triangles from a square as shown in the picture. How many different shapes can you make by fitting the four triangles back together?

Three Squares

What is the greatest number of squares you can make by overlapping three squares?

A City of Towers

In this town, houses are built with one room for each person. There are some families of seven people living in the town. In how many different ways can they build their houses?

Start Cube Drilling

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level
When you drill your holes, can you picture which small cubes have got holes in them?
How many do you drill holes in?
Now think about your friend.
Can you picture the small cubes that he or she drills holes in?
Are any of the cubes your friend drills ones that you've already drilled?
Are some of these cubes ones that you haven't already drilled?