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Power Match

Age 16 to 18
Challenge Level

Why do this problem?

This interactivity gives students an opportunity to become familiar with logarithmic scales. 


Possible approach

This activity can be played in pairs as a game, or individually. When a flag is incorrectly placed, can students understand why? This is good for rooting out errors in understanding. For example, $10^{1.5}$ is not half way between 10 and 100. 
Alternatively it could be used as a starter or plenary with the whole class working together on an interactive whiteboard to decide where to place the green dot for each target.

Key questions

Which two powers of ten will the target be between?
Which one is it closer to?
What is the value of the halfway point between two powers of ten?

Possible extension

Students could go on to explore scientific contexts for logarithms, such as the pH scale in the problem Mixing pH.

Possible support

A Question of Scale introduces logarithmic scales by inviting students to consider orders of magnitude of scientific quantities.