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Dotty Six

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level
We had a number of solutions sent in from Bomere Heath School, namely, Holly, Annalise, Noah and Guy, Chris, Alex and Eddi, Sam and Kyle

A number of them said
we played dotty six and once we had got the hang of it we mooved on to dotty ten.

Noah and Guy wrote;
in dotty six you have two get three sixes in a row to win the game . We
played dotty 10 also and found that it was much easier . To win dooty ten you need a lot of luck and to use strategy. Dotty ten is were you have $9$ squares and roll a dice and try and fill three boxes in a row full of sixes.

We also heard that;
Alex won three times and Eddi won one game.

Keir and James from St. Andrew's School in Glasgow wrote in to say; 
We found the best place to start was in the middle because you can go in any direction and that gives you more chances to win. It was easier to fill in boxes if you chose wisely and block your opponent so they stand less of a chance of winning.

Lucy from North Molton PrimaryӬ School in England had a good idea;

I have made a new version of Dotty six. First instead of one dice, you use two $1-6$ dice each and have a square of six by six. Also what is different both of the people roll at the same time and pick a square each, the squares will hold twelve dots unlike the other one that only held six. You win when your colour dots go in an L shape, in a line or diagonally. Once a box is full put an X in the corner! You also can't split up your numbers.

Thank you for those wise words Keir and James and Lucy's new idea.