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Order, Order!

Age 5 to 11
Challenge Level

Daisy from Ricards Lodge has given us lots of details to explain how she ordered the quantities.  Are you convinced by what Daisy says?

Time: (shortest to longest)
Eat a biscuit - I think that to eat a normal sized circular biscuit takes roughly $30$ seconds to eat at a usual pace!
Taken to travel to school - The journey from my house to school takes $40$ minutes and this is quite a common length of time for the journey amongst my classmates.
Taken for mustard and cress to grow from seeds - in a suitable climate this process should take no longer than three days.
The period between your 6th and 7th birthday - this is $365$ days, (unless your birthday is on a leap year) a whole year, clearly the longest amount of time on this list.

Distance: (shortest to longest)
Length of a ladybird - they grow up to approximately $4$mm.
How high you can jump in the air - This really depends on your height but it is very likely to still be measured in cm; which is why I put it second on the list.
How far you can kick a football - Amateur footballers can kick a ball up to $50$m, definitely a longer distance than the last measurement.
How far can you run in $30$ seconds - In my age group, it is possible to run $200$m in under half a minute, considerably longer than the length you can kick a ball.

Mass: (lightest to heaviest)
A balloon - I estimate that the mass of a balloon is about a gram as it is practically all gas which has a very minimal mass.
Bar of chocolate - A usual bar of chocolate (measuring roughly $20$cm) weighs between $50$g and $60$g.
Loaf of bread - A loaf of shop-bought pre-sliced bread weighs $800$g.
Teacher - The average weight of a woman in the UK is $65$kg and for men, $72$kg. This makes it the heaviest measurement in the list.  

Let us know if you have any comments about Daisy's estimations.