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This task depends on learners sharing reasoning, listening to opinions, reflecting and pulling ideas together.

Eye View

Age 7 to 11
Challenge Level

We had nearly $50$ solutions sent in as well as several contributions to the blog. Overall there were many different ideas as to how the pictures came about.

Here are some of them;

Lisa from Le Rosey School in Switzerland wrote;

You can see the Pointed towers bigger than the other one because it's looked closer.  The ones that look smaller is the ones that your seeing further.  So the more you see closer the bigger you can see, same as if you look further then you can see smaller.

Oscar from St. John the Baptist School in England had a look at the other challenge that was in the hint. He sent in;

The tower of $6$ blocks looks the same size as the one with three because of the distance between them, if the two towers were together the tower of six would be taller.

Fabio from St. Pauls in Brazil sent in his idea about the importance of the angle;

At the first picture the photo was taken close to the tower and the picture was focusing into the tower so it seems as the tower  taller than the house. At the second picture the photo was taken a little bit further so it seem that the house is a little bit smaller the tower. At the third picture the photo was taken a little bit further so it seem that the house is the same size as the tower. At the fourth picture the photo was taken a little bit further so it seem that the house is bigger than the tower.

Noor-Ul-Ain from Westfield Middle School sent is an alternative idea;

I think the solution to the problem eye view is:
- In every picture someone puts the pointed tower closer or in front of the house each time.
- Or they put the house further back or behind the house but on the side of the house.
- This affect makes a great illusion and tricks the mind of the person looking at the photograph.

The Maths Challenge group from St. Ainden's VC school in the UK sent in these ideas;

This made us think hard and we all had lots of different ideas! Zac and Izzy thought that the tower could be a different one i.e. different sizes in each picture OR the cottage could be different and the tower the same.

Louisa thinks the images of the tower have been taken from different positions. She thinks the cottage isn't real but is painted onto the lens of the camera so that it looks the same. Esme thinks that they are models put in different positions and photographed from different angles.

Marlo thinks the bricks used to build the tower are bigger than the bricks used to build the cottage. Luca thinks they used the same models but photographed them from different positions.

From New City School in London the following pupils sent in a variety of different ideas as to how the pictures came about,Naziat ,Jacqueline and Akhlak, Suffyan,William  & Anika, Aqsa, Zainab & Oscar, Rizwan, Arif & Joe, Hilin , Jamian & Hamza, Patrick, Sascha & Eldon, Chloe, Bakhtavar & Gokul.

Thank you all of you for sharing your creative ideas with us.