Printable Resources

You may be interested in our large collection of Posters.

This page collects together the generic printable resources like dotty grids and number grids that are useful for many problems. 

Our resources often have specific printable worksheets to accompany them; these can be found on the teachers' resource page for each individual problem.


You may also be interested in our Primary and Secondary Interactive Resources.

Dotty grids



Square                             Isometric
Square grid icon   Isometric grid (central point) icon





Number grids



0 - 99                                 1 - 100
0-99 number grid icon   1-100 number grid icon




Venn Diagrams


Black and White
Colourful Lines
Colourful Regions
Editable Powerpoint




Number Cards





Circle templates


With centre point            Without centre point
Dotted circle (central point) icon 9-Dot 10-Dot 11-Dot   Dotted circle (no central point) icon 3-Dot 4-Dot 5-Dot 6-Dot 7-Dot 8-Dot
12-Dot 13-Dot 14-Dot 9-Dot 10-Dot 11-Dot 12-Dot 13-Dot 14-Dot
15-Dot 16-Dot 17-Dot 15-Dot 16-Dot 17-Dot 18-Dot 19-Dot 20-Dot
18-Dot 19-Dot 20-Dot 21-Dot 22-Dot 23-Dot 24-Dot





Six Spot                     Nine Spots
Black and White   Black and White