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Heads and Feet

Age 5 to 7
Challenge Level
We had a few solutions submitted that showed different ways of working. First we had 4th Class A from Scoil Bhríde School Ireland;

Answer = 5 hens.
5 hens would have 10 feet.
3 sheep would have 12 feet.
10+12= 22

Penny and Laura from Wellesworth Junior School in Canada wrote;

Each head represents an animal. We varied the number of legs under each animal until we got the number 22. Our final number is 5 hens in all.

Rowan from Ludgvan School, Cornwall sent in the following;

My dad helped with the pictures and photos.

Georgina Rothney from Brockton Primary School wrote;

Heads  and feet.
If  there are 8 heads and 22 feet then there are 5 hens = 10 feet.
 There are 3 sheep = 12 feet.
  5+3 heads = 8 heads
 10+12 feet  =22 feet

Leyi from Belvedere Infant school wrote;

I think it is 5 hens and 3 sheep because I used my 2 and 4 times tables
(5x2)+(3x4)= 10 +12=22 feet     
then I made sure that they belong to 8 animals 5+3=8 heads or animals

Thanks for all your solutions!