Maths for Parents 2017

This series of three evening workshops, was for parents, carers, grandparents etc. who would like to know more about enjoying mathematics with their children. These workshops will introduce participants to a world of rich activities they can share, focusing on encouraging exploration, thinking and problem-solving, and aims to inspire them to return home and enjoy some of the activities with children - that's the homework!

2nd November problems:
A combination of Reach 100 and Add to 200

Take away task 
Can you make the 'Truth or Lie' magic trick work? Does it always work?  Can you figure out why or why not?

16th November problems:
Seeing Squares
Four Triangles Puzzle
Got It!
Last Biscuit

Takeaway task 
How to order a suit of playing cards, so that the matching cards can be turned over as you've spelled them out in turn?
See ACE, TWO, THREE... for a video prompt if you need it. 

30th November problems:
Dicey Operations in Line and/or Dicey Operations
Factors and Multiples Game

Feedback slides from the 16th November.

Many similar problems can be found in our Be a Mathematician! (primary) and  Thinking Mathematically (secondary) collections.

You may also be interested in our Supporting High Achieving and Interested Students page, and these two books by Rob Eastaway and Mike Askew Maths for Mums and Dads and More Maths for Mums and Dads

and in Mindset by Carol Dweck - here is a link to her TED talk.



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Fran and Charlie will be running sessions at the Cambridge Science Festival on Saturday 24th March 2018. Do join us.