Primary Curriculum Mapping Documents

Age 5 to 11

Our Curriculum Mapping Documents link NRICH tasks to curriculum objectives. (See our Primary Curriculum page for more resources that will help you to embed problem solving into your curriculum.)



NRICH tasks embrace the aims of the mathematics national curriculum in England (problem solving, reasoning and fluency) as well as curriculum 'content'.


  • First and Second Levels Mathematics Curriculum for Excellence -  Word document


NRICH tasks linked to the Curriculum for Wales Foundation Phase Framework:

NRICH tasks linked to the Curriculum for Wales Mathematics Programmes of Study in Key Stage 2:

Cambridge Primary Maths


For links from the Australian Curriculum to NRICH tasks, visit and search for 'nrich'
(You will find three documents: one for number, one for measurement and geometry, and one for statistics and probability)


Ontario, Canada

NRICH tasks linked to the expectations of the mathematics curriculum in Ontario, for grades 4 to 8 - Word document or pdf